MES Manz Electronic Systeme
Your distribution partner for active and passive electronic components, power semiconductors and inductive resistors.
As a representative of and distributor for renowned electronics manufacturers, we are able to offer our customers a wide range of components in the performance electronics field. We especially focus on power semiconductors, soft magnetic materials and complete inductive resistors.
An extensive product range guarantees our customers customised application solutions for the most diverse branches such as motive power engineering, automotives, welding engineering, solar engineering and civil and military aerospace and aeronautics.
As the European representative of Hitachi Metals (Japan) and Metglas Inc. (USA), we offer a large number of soft magnetic cores in amorphous and nanocrystal designs for sinus filters, smoothing chokes, current-compensated chokes, repeaters and special forms for C-cores, mould cores and blocks. We obviously also supply complete inductive resistors such as coiled cores made of amorphous and nanocrystal materials (Finemet), EMC components, shielding foils and current sensors, at our customers´ request.
In the performance semiconductor segment, we are a distribution partner for Calogic (USA), Poseico Power Semiconductors Italian Corporation (Italy) and SSDI Solid State Device Inc. (USA). The semiconductor product range includes welding diodes, disc thyristors, fast diodes, GTOs, IGBTs, thyristor modules and diode modules. The semiconductors are used in applications such as inverters for motive power engineering, wind energy engineering, solar engineering, aerospace and satellite engineering (High Rel Components).
You will find detailed information on soft magnetic cores and foils and power semiconductors on our product pages. Please select the required soft magnetic products, semiconductors or bus bars from the Navigation; you will then be redirected. If you click on the soft magnetic products, Metglas Microlite, Metglas Microlite 100, Metglas Magamp, Metglas Magnaperm, Metglas Powerlite, Metglas Powerlite forms, semiconductors or bus bars in the foot line. This brings you directly to the electronic components from Hitachi Metals, Metglas, Calogic, Poseico and SSDI  (High Rel Components).
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