Company MES MANZ Electronic Systeme - Your Reliable Partner for Power Electronics
We have been a representative and distributor for electronic and electromechanical components in the power electronics field since 1993. As a result of the conclusion of contracts with leading manufacturers in the semiconductor technologies, power supply and soft magnetic products in Europe, the USA and South East Asia, we are able to offer our customers a wide range of high-performance products for diverse uses.
The demands which are placed in power electronics are increasing continuously. New products and the ongoing further development of existing environmentally friendly technologies require solutions which fit in with the concepts of our customers whilst at the same time being flexible but above all, fast. We accept this challenge. We support you right from the first developmental steps. We advise you and in close cooperation with our manufacturers, we find the component which is the optimal one for your application.
Our own extensive storage of passive components in amorphous and nanocrystal designs, power semiconductors and bus bars ensure our customers an on schedule delivery and fast assistance in the case of any delivery bottlenecks.
We are currently representatives for the following companies:
Hitachi Metals, Japan
Nanocrystalline cores and foils (Finemet), EMC-products, planar ferrites, beads, C-cores.
You can directly access our Hitachi Metals product page from here.
Metglas Inc., USA
Amorphous ring cores, 1-phase and 3-phase amorphous C-cores, strip materials, shielding foils, amorphous blocks.
You can directly access the different  Metglas product pages from here:
Calogic, USA
Power-Management ICs, references, low drop regulators, MOSFET-drivers, video buffers, high speed buffers, JFETs, DMOS.
You can directly access our Calogic product page from here. 
Poseico Power Semiconductors Italian Corporation, Italy
Disc thyristors, IGBTs, diodes for network applications and fast switching applications, GTOs, complete stacks.
You can directly access the different Poseico product pages from here:
SSDI Solide State Device Inc., USA
Military, aeronautics and aerospace and medical technology components, industrial screenings pursuant to MIL-19500, MIL-883 and MIL-750, IGBTs, MOSFETs, diodes, modules, voltage regulators, high-voltage process.
You can directly access our SSDI product page from here.
We supply soft magnetic cores or foils respectively, foils, semiconductors and entire inductive resistors to leading manufacturers from the segments:
Motive power engineering
Railway drives, electric drives, air-conditioning, solar and wind energy
Body electronics, engine management, safety electronics,   
Electric drive
Industrial electronics
Automation, measurement and control technology, safety engineering, medical electronics
Welding engineering
Resistance welding, stud welding, laser welding, induction heating
Power supplies
DC/DC-transformer, primary and secondary transformer, PFC, uninterruptible power supplies, charging engineering
Power supplies for mobile stations
Civil and military aeronautics and aerospace
Power supplies and drives.