HTC Iron Powder Cores
Thermal Aging Problems of Iron Powder Cores
In general, convencional iron powder cores the organic material as binder, such as epoxy. Due to the organic material's low resistance to high temperature, the general resin breakdown temperature is only about 125C° to 150C°. Iron powder cores using these binders will have their annealing temperature below 150C°. The stress force has not been eliminated completely and the cores' performance is affected. In the meantime, the demanding requirement of power and board density by electronics industry worsen the working environment. The elevated temperature operating environment causes the conventional iron powder cores to age in very short period of time. The eddy current loss will increase during the thermal aging process and cause overheating which eventually leads to the permanent damage of the core.
KDM HTC200™ Iron Powder Cores series are designed to be thermal aging free up to 200C° using KDM's state-of-the-art proprietary high temperature resistance binder. Whit the use of the high temperature resistance binder, core's annealing temperature can reach 500C°. The stress force can be better eliminated and the cores' property is improved. This enables our HTC200™ cores to operate up to 200C° without breakdown. Design engineers can have more flexibility and peace of mind when they select KDM's HTC200™ Iron Powder Cores Series for their power supply designs.
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