KDM Alloy Powder Cores, Eisenpulver Kerne, POT Core
Zhejiang KeDa Magnetoelectricity Co.Ltd. ( KDM ) was founded 2000 located in north of Hangzhou, and only 150 Km away from Shanghai. It covers 40.000 m2 and has 450 workers. KDM is a professional magnetic powder products manufacturer in China.KDM received ISO9001:2000 Certificate and ISO14001:2004 Management Certificate. KDM focus an offering customers high-quality products and excellent service.
Main Products are:
Sendust Cores * Si-Fe™ Cores * Neu-Flux™ Cores * High-Flux Cores*  MPP Cores *   Iron Powder Cores * Nanodust™ Cores  * POT Core
KDM™, Neu-Flux™, Si-Fe™ and Nanodust™ are registered trademark of Zhejiang KeDa Magnetoelectricity Co.Ltd.