Metglas - Microlite 100

MICROLITE® 100µ Cores Technical Bulletin             
MICROLITE® 100µ cores are gapped toroids made from iron-based METGLAS® amorphous alloy 2605SA1. They offer a unique combination of high saturation induction (1.56 T), high permeability and low core loss. MICROLITE® 100µ cores are suitable in high frequency, energy storage applications. As with all other METGLAS® products, MICROLITE® 100µ cores allow the use of significantly smaller sizes than other conventional soft magnetic materials.

Physical Properties METGLAS® Alloy 2605SA1

Ribbon Thickness(µm): 22
Density (g/cm³): 7.18
Thermal Expansion (ppm/°C): 7.6
Crystallization Temperature (°C): 505
Curie Temperature (°C): 392

Magnatic Properties MICROLITE® 100µ Cores

Saturation Induction (T): 1.56
EffectivePermeability: 100
Electrical Resistivity (µ-Ω-cm): 137