Metglas - Microlite

High Frequency Distributed Gap Inductor Cores Technical Bulletin      
MICROLITE® Toroidal Cores are manufactured with METGLAS® amorphous alloy 2605SA1 ribbon. Their unique combination of high saturation flux density and low loss make them the first choice for all energy storage applications, enabling the designer to achieve both size an system cost


  • SMPS output inductors
  • Flyback transformers
  • Differential input inductors
  • PFC inductors
  • VRM inductors


  • High saturated flux density
  • Significant size reduction
  • Low core loss
  • Extended bias capability
  • Fewer turns due to higher permeability

Physical Properties METGLAS MICROLITE®

Ribbon Thickness(µm): 22
Density (g/cm³): 7.18
Thermal Expansion (ppm/°C): 7.6
Crystallization Temperature (°C): 510
Curie Temperature (°C): 395
Continuous Service Temperature (°C): 150

Magnatic Properties METGLAS MICROLITE® Cores

Saturation Flux Density (Telsa): 1.56
Permeability (depending on core size): 245/270

 Image 2
Image 2