Metglas - Powerlite forms
POWERLITE® forms are made by stacking iron-based Metglas® amorphous ally 2605SA1 ribbons or laminations. The laminations are hold together by an adhesive rated for a continuous operating temperature of 155 °C. The amorphous ally itself has a higher continuous operating temperature. These forms offer a unique combination of high saturation induction (1.56 T), high permeability and low core loss.
POWERLITE® forms can be used in medium frequency (<20 kHz) and high power (300 to 500 kW) inverters. These have core losses lower than those of 3% or 6% Si steels.
Properties Metglas® Alloy 2605SA1
Typical ribbon thickness (µm)                    22
Density (g/cm³)                                           7.8
Thermal expansion Coef. (ppm/°C)             7.6
Crystallization Temperature (°C)                 505
Saturation Induction (T)                               1.56
Electrical Resistivity (∞•cm)                        137
Curie Temperature (°C)                               392
Continous Operating Temperature              155
Form dimensions (see below fig. 1 and 2)
Stacking factor = 89±2%
Cross-sectional area of the form = W x H x 0.89/100 cm³
Mass of the form = L x W x H x 0.89 x 7.18 / (1000 x 1000) kg
The forms can be configured into shapes such as shown below schematically .These special shapes allow for multiple near-zero gaps with reduction in fringe flux and hence, core loss.
Core loss (Preliminary data)
The final shape influences the actual core loss. The butt joint in the final shape is expected to increase the total core loss.
Core Loss
Core Loss
Form Dimension
Form Dimension
Examples of form shapes
Examples of form shapes