NeuFlux Cores
Neu Flux™ is a new generation alloy powder cores from KDM. The research started from April 2008 and mass production started from October 2010. Neu Flux™ cores composes 85% Fe and 15 Si-Ni. It has saturation flux desity of 16000 Gs and permeability is between 26-90. Neu Flux™ Core loss is nearly half of Si-Fe™ Cores and very close to the High Flux Cores. Its DC- Bias is also better than Si-Fe™ Cores and same as the High Flux Cores. It is an ideal low cost material to replace High Flux Cores and Amorphous Powder Cores. Neu Flux™ Cores have excellent temperature stability and large energy storage capacity characteristics. It also resolves the audiable noise problem of Amorphous Powder Cores at the same time. Main application of Neu Flux™ Cores is in PFC Chokes and Power Inductors. It is also widely used in solar, wind energy, hybrid powered vehicles.
High Bmax16000 Gs
The best DC-Bias Characteristics
Excellent Temperature Stability
Lower Core Loss than Si-Fe™ Core
High Energy Storage Capacity
No Audiable Noise
High Current Power Choke
Power Inductor foe Energy Storage
PFC Chokes
Output Chokes for Switching Power Supplies
Boost Buck Power Inductor for HEV
Inverter of Solar or Wind Power Generator